About Bio Rotterdam

Bio Rotterdam for renewable Energy and Biofuel consultancy services


Address : Egypt Cairo 171 Tahrir sq. The Greek Campus

Egy mobile : 00201021602609

Email : ibrahim@biorotterdam.com

Website : https://linktr.ee/hiamato


Bio Rotterdam for Renewable Energy ( Biodiesel ) profile

about Bio Rotterdam

Milestones are the best base for starting a professional company… that is simply our success story…
We are consultancy firm for bio fuel which started with brains from Egypt, Jordan, and UK.. Based in Jordan for training, Mentoring, advisory in the field of bio fuel as general with all kinds.
Bio Rotterdam company for Studies and Research was established as a result of the successes achieved by the company during the course of the professional team.. The company pays great attention to highlight the profitability of alternative and renewable energy in general and bio-energy projects, especially the focus of experience and relationships and experience through the provision of studies and research and training and development for investors.
Start your bio Energy Project with us and add success to your successful life.
Services :
– Marketing Bio Energy products and by products
– Training and mentorship in Bio Energy field
– Capacity building for projects
– Operation Designing , Machines and equipment selection
– Doing researches and studies
– Assets management for Bio Energy Projects
– Feasibility studies , Business plans , Business Modeling for bio energy project.

Product list:
– Bio Diesel
– Bio Gas
– Bio Gasoline
– Bio Paraffin
– Bio Plastics
– Bio Heavy Fuel
– Bio Heat
– Bio Jet
– Bio Emissions Energy Tablets
– Bio Mass

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new success story of Bio Rotterdam

  • Feasibility study
  • Technology transfer
  • Machine Supply
  • Analysis system
  • Quality Management System “Quality Control & Quality Assurance”
  • Certification and Accreditation by ISCC certificate.
  • Marketing of the final product.