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We kindly thank you for your interest in our products (Biodiesel EN14214 – Biodiesel Colorless type) which produced by special technology which converts many types of fatty wastes into a homogeneous liquid hydrocarbon liquid.

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Suitable for so many uses such as:

  • As fuel additive for getting advantages of biodieselbefore & After Adhesive Remover Ctext
  • As Renewable Fuel
  • Solvent for removal of many hard to remove material
  • As base ester in paints industries
  • Anti dusting in oil drilling

Why use biodiesel?

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Favorable Emissions Profile
  • Renewable
  • Carbon Neutrality

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Uses of Bio Rotterdam ME (Fuel Additives/Solvents)

Floating Lift Station Degreaser
Makes a Lift Station Degreaser more effective by dissolving heavy grease and fat accumulations in a lift station and providing extended degreaser action. Also absorbs odors. (Clean Air)
Mold Release
Great in release agents. With no petroleum and low VOCs, Biorotterdam will keep forms (Molds) clean while providing a perfect release
Cleaning  & Degreasing
Replaces petroleum and chlorinated solvents in basic parts cleaning processes. Other uses include household cleaners and asphalt cleaners.
Paint, Ink, Adhesive, Graffiti Removal
Can be used in paint strippers, ink cleaners , Graffiti removers.
Herbicide adjuvant products can use methyl ester as a replacement for petroleum-based components. These components enhance herbicide activity during application and reduce the total pesticide load on the environment, while being biodegradable , non-volatile, low in toxicity and safer for workers.
Oil spill cleanup
Methyl ester based shoreline cleaners are one of the exciting new technologies based on methyl ester. These products can also be used to bio-remediate weathered oil spills at refineries or tank farms and clean reactors & storage tanks currently in use
Great for lubricity additives, penetrating oils, and metalworking fluids. ME reduces friction and tool wear in machining and can replace conventional lubricants and additives.

Our first pilot plant opened in May 2013. Following this opening we received a large amount of requests for Biodiesel samples from Bio-Rotterdam, and in response we have opened this E-shop. We hope you find the ordering and payment process convenient.

Biodiesel sample which will deliver to you had made from UCO and WVO also we are using our Patented technology for this production process.

When the shipping costs for you order are available in our system then this Eshop enables you to arrange payment straight away. This is the case for shipments with a total weight below 70 kg (worldwide delivery) or below 200 kg within Europe. Payment options are limited to cash-in-advance (wire transfer) , Paypal , and credit card (online payment). Shipment is initiated directly after receipt of payment.

If you have any questions with regard to the Eshop, #Biodiesel , payment or shipping, please feel free to contact us at   or whatsapp 00962776697287

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