Used Motor /Car Oils for sale

Used Motor /Car Oils for sale

Subject: Selling Used Motor Oil

Dear Sirs,

we are in Bio-Rotterdam confirm with full legal and corporate responsibility, that we are ready, willing and able to Sell 5,000 MT per month (for year) of Used Motor oil with below technical specifications under the following terms and conditions:

Technical Specifications:

  • Commodity: USED MOTOR OIL
  • Specifications: Below mentioned
  • Quantity: 5,000 MT Per Month for one year
  • Packing :20 mt per container (packed in flexi bags)
  • Destination Port: ASWP
  • Inspection: SGS,CIQ or similar inspection at loading port
  • Payment: LC payment(100 % payment on original BL with SGS report of loaded container)




Density 15 C ASTM-D4052 0.88
Color Max ASTM-D1500 6
Flash Point PMCC Min C ASTM-D93 35
Pour Point Max C ASTM-D97 -7
Viscosity @ 50c CST ASTM-D445 60
Sulfur content Mx WT% ASTM-D4294 Below 0.5%
Water WT% ASTM-D482 5%
Appearance   Visual Black
Sediment     Below 0.5%

Looking forward to serve you best service .. in case of interest contact us over email


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