Products we Trade

Thanks to our wide presence, deep market knowledge and vision, combined with our operational experience, BIO Rotterdam has developed vast procurement operations and is poised to become your favorite reliable long-term partner for your Bioproduct needs.

  • UCOME – Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester *
  • TME – Tallow Methyl Ester *
  • POMEME – Palm Oil Mill Effluent Methyl Ester *
  • RME – Rapeseed Methyl Ester
  • PME – Palm Methyl Ester
  • SME – Soy Methyl Ester
  • FAME blends – from Fatty Acid Methyl Esters such as the above
  • HVO – Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
  • * created from waste feedstocks
Biodiesel Feedstock & By-Products
  • UCO – Used Cooking Oil
  • POME – Palm Oil Mill Effluent
  • Animal Fats (e.g. Tallow)
  • FAME Bottoms (Distillation Residues)
  • Glycerol (Glycerine)
Feed & Technical Products
  • Fish Oil (pharmaceutical, food or feed grade)
  • Lecithin
  • Palm Acid Oil
  • Other Fatty Acids & Acid Oils (technical or feed grade)
  • Meal (e.g. Poultry, Fish)

for more information , contact us over email

or phone: 00201021602609 (Calls only)

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