“Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent”

We are proud to introduce our new product

“Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent”

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The problem:

Solvents are widely used in industrial and consumer applications. Unfortunately, many of the useful features of solvents are served by chemicals that are hazardous to human health, environmentally damaging or pose serious safety hazards.

Our solution:

In response to these general concerns as well as industry legislation, there is steady growth in the use of biosolvents. Derived from natural, renewable feedstocks, and with proven benefits in terms of human health, safety and environmental impact, biosolvents represent a small but growing contribution to solvent use.

“Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” is a vegetable oil-derived biosolvent with many attractive features:

  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Food-contact safe
  • Reduced fire risk
  • Non-VOC designation
  • Light colour and low odour (no headaches)
  • Compatible with most metals, plastics and rubbers

Biosolvent applications:

“Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” is a good alternative to the use of white spirits, kerosene, liquid paraffin and other low-to-medium viscosity hydrocarbon oils.  It is also compatible and miscible with many chlorinated and oxygenated solvents, so that partial replacement of these solvents may also be possible in some cases. One of the main differences between the “Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” and the above-mentioned solvents, is the low evaporation rate and residual film. Applications such as coatings and inks may require formulation with secondary solvents and surfactants to achieve satisfactory results; in any case, we recommend new users to test on a small scale before attempting a wholesale switch of their current solvent usage.

Recommended uses:

Biosolvents have a wide range of uses in both industrial and consumer applications, for example:

  • Dissolving resins and polymers (inks, paints)
  • Cleaning (degreasing formulations)
  • Carrying functional ingredients (agrochemical formulations)
  • Plasticizing (rubbers, adhesives)
  • Diluting reactants to control heat production, product viscosity etc. (fine chemicals)
  • Printing Inks

The high solvency power and light color of “Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” is used to advantage in the formulation of solvent-based offset (sheet-fed) inks – including clear, white and pale inks. Compared to petroleum distillates, “Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” gives comparable rheological properties and printability. “Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” is on the approved list for food packaging inks.

Cleaners and degreasers:

The trend to safe and renewable bio-based cleaners and degreasers continues apace, and “Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” plays a role in providing the solvency and fluid properties needed to reformulate from traditional mineral oil-based cleaners. Established applications include industrial degreasing, oil refinery CIP, removal of concrete stains, graffiti, varnish, adhesives and printing inks as well as hand cleaners.


The fluid properties of “Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” resemble light mineral oils, but with the environmental and human health advantages mentioned above. These advantages, along with specific application benefits, are put to use in the formulation of metal-working fluids, mold-release agents and textile lubricants. This versatile ester can also be used as a raw material for the production of sulphurised EP additives, and as a carrier fluid / compatibiliser for additive packages.

Crop Protection:

Adjuvants are functional carrier fluids used to deliver and enhance the performance of active ingredients. “Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” has an established and proven performance as an oil adjuvant, improving rain-fastness, softening waxy leaf cuticles and enhancing the activity of specific herbicides at low dosage.


“Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” finds uses in plastics additives, consumer ignition products, coatings, defoamers and chemicals, to name but a few. Many products and processes that use paraffinic oils, white spirit, chlorinated hydrocarbons, D-Limonene and light alcohols can consider switching (partially or completely) to “Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent”, and experience the benefits of a safer and greener alternative.

Learn more about how “Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent” can provide a safer alternative to traditional solvents. Contact us now over email Ibrahim@Biorotterdam.com or mobile phone: 00201021602609 start your message with “Bio Rotterdam BioSolvent”

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