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We kindly thank you for your interest in our products (Biodiesel EN14214 – Biodiesel Colorless type) which produced by special technology which converts many types of fatty wastes into a homogeneous liquid hydrocarbon liquid.

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Suitable for so many uses such as:

  • As fuel additive for getting advantages of biodieselbefore & After Adhesive Remover Ctext
  • As Renewable Fuel
  • Solvent for removal of many hard to remove material
  • As base ester in paints industries
  • Anti dusting in oil drilling

Why use biodiesel?

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Favorable Emissions Profile
  • Renewable
  • Carbon Neutrality

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Uses of Bio Rotterdam ME (Fuel Additives/Solvents)

Floating Lift Station Degreaser
Makes a Lift Station Degreaser more effective by dissolving heavy grease and fat accumulations in a lift station and providing extended degreaser action. Also absorbs odors. (Clean Air)
Mold Release
Great in release agents. With no petroleum and low VOCs, Biorotterdam will keep forms (Molds) clean while providing a perfect release
Cleaning  & Degreasing
Replaces petroleum and chlorinated solvents in basic parts cleaning processes. Other uses include household cleaners and asphalt cleaners.
Paint, Ink, Adhesive, Graffiti Removal
Can be used in paint strippers, ink cleaners , Graffiti removers.
Herbicide adjuvant products can use methyl ester as a replacement for petroleum-based components. These components enhance herbicide activity during application and reduce the total pesticide load on the environment, while being biodegradable , non-volatile, low in toxicity and safer for workers.
Oil spill cleanup
Methyl ester based shoreline cleaners are one of the exciting new technologies based on methyl ester. These products can also be used to bio-remediate weathered oil spills at refineries or tank farms and clean reactors & storage tanks currently in use
Great for lubricity additives, penetrating oils, and metalworking fluids. ME reduces friction and tool wear in machining and can replace conventional lubricants and additives.

Our first pilot plant opened in May 2013. Following this opening we received a large amount of requests for Biodiesel samples from Bio-Rotterdam, and in response we have opened this E-shop. We hope you find the ordering and payment process convenient.

Biodiesel sample which will deliver to you had made from UCO and WVO also we are using our Patented technology for this production process.

When the shipping costs for you order are available in our system then this Eshop enables you to arrange payment straight away. This is the case for shipments with a total weight below 70 kg (worldwide delivery) or below 200 kg within Europe. Payment options are limited to cash-in-advance (wire transfer) , Paypal , and credit card (online payment). Shipment is initiated directly after receipt of payment.

If you have any questions with regard to the Eshop, #Biodiesel , payment or shipping, please feel free to contact us at   or whatsapp 00962776697287

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Are you wanted to start biodiesel facility?

Are you wanted to start biodiesel facility?


How could Bio Rotterdam help you?

We deliver integrated services for the establishment of biodiesel projects (turnkey)

– Industrial Asset Management

– Delivery of Feasibility Studies

– Registration and Licensing service

– Supply and installation of Equipment & machinery

– Training and Technical Qualification

– General supervision service

All of our services are provided for affordable fees

These services can be full package or even single one of them depending on your needs & Requirements.

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هل ترغب في بدء مشروع ديزل حيوي ( بيوديزل ) ؟

هل ترغب في بدء مشروع ديزل حيوي ( بيوديزل ) ؟


ماذا يمكن ان تفيدك شركة روتردام الحيوية لاستشارات الطاقة المتجددة؟

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  • ادارة الاصول الصناعية
  • اعداد دراسات الجدوى
  • خدمة التسجيل والترخيص
  • توريد وتركيب المعدات والالات المطلوبة
  • التدريب والتأهيل الفني
  • خدمة الاشراف العام

جميع خدماتنا يتم تقديمها مقابل اتعاب معقولة

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للبيع دراسة جدوى مشروع انتاج الديزل الحيوي من الزيوت النباتية المستعملة

للبيع دراسة جدوى مشروع انتاج الديزل الحيوي من الزيوت النباتية المستعملة

الدراسة تحتوى على :

  • دراسة فكرة المشروع ومكوناته وطبيعته
  • دراسة المنتجات ومواصفاتها وخصائصها ومكوناتها ومميزاتها
  • دراسة المؤشرات الاقتصادية للمشروع وموقع المشروع والمؤشرات الديموغرافية في السوق المستهدف
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  • دراسة الخطة التسويقية والترويجية وخطه التسعير والتوزيع للمشروع
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  • دراسة الطاقة الإنتاجية وتوفير عروض الأسعار للآلات والمعدات وخطوط الإنتاج ودراسة مواصفات الخطوط ومطابقتها لتصنيع المنتجات
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السعر = 8000 دولار خصم 50% حتى نهاية هذا الشهر ليصبح السعر 4000 دولار

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سوف يتم ارسال الدراسة لكم فور وصول اشعار الدفع

Waste Bio refinery

Waste Bio Refinery

Converting Solid waste into Bio-fuels & Bio-chemicals

By Bio Rotterdam Team

for more inforamtion , contact us on

phone : 201021602609 or 962776697287

You are about to explore the Burgeoning Prospect of “Waste-to-Energy latest technology which able to convert any feedstock, which might be “Municipal Solid Waste (M.S.W.) Wood Chips, Fluff, Peat, Plastic, any waste.

Using waste feed stock, as a primary source to produce Liquid Bio Fuel& Electricity in an environmentally friendly, closed, carbon neutral, self sustaining process through a joint patented technology.

The  Waste  to  Fuel  (W2F)  process  allows All types of  waste  to  be  put  to  good  use  in  the production  of  renewable  and  sustainable  energy  carriers.

Simply Waste in and No waste out at all


BIO ROTTERDAM with cooperation with their partners in EU have the ability to provide an innovative and proven conversion technology developed by our scientists’ partners after years of research and hard work, we will use raw material / Organic solids, municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial waste, sludge, wood, agricultural waste, used oil, rubber tires, and non-recyclable plastics, brown Coal, peat as our primarily feedstock in an efficient, environmentally friendly, emission free process a green, clean, biofuel (liquid) products such as Bio diesel/ EN590/B100/EN14214. BIO ROTTERDAM will guarantee the technology’s performance levels with an insurance policy that will hedge BIO ROTTERDAM’s investors from technology related production shortfalls.




The molecular structure of waste is close to ideal for conversion to synthetic fuel, with C-H (Carbon-Hydrogen) ratio of 1:2, almost identical to the C-H ratio in alkane fuel molecules. The catalytic system helps to ensure that the alkane fuel molecules formed will meet the desired specifications.

Core technology is catalysis. Proprietary catalytic systems are tailored to fit different chemical processes converting materials containing low-value carbon into high-quality synthetic fuels. Some of these processes include proprietary GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) reactor technology which is an improved version of traditional F-T (Fischer-Tropsch synthesis), a process invented by Franz Fisher and Hans Tropsch in Germany in 1925. This process technology based on F-T was approved for production of jet fuel in 2009.

The technology with “state of the art and science” equipment from other technology vendors to assemble production plants with superior product quality, conversion factors and cost.

Technology complies with stringent European Union Environmental Standards for waste processing and fuel refinery facilities. The system will demonstrate the ability to meet or exceed environmental standards in accordance with Ontario Ministry of the Environment regulations.

Chemical conversion process removes and repurposes waste material that would otherwise take months or years to naturally biodegrade. Synthetic fuel produced will provide an environmentally responsible alternative to fossil fuels both in terms of the impact of production and consumption on the environment.

Advantage of this technology: 


  • The development of the thermo-chemical process to liquefy waste matrices producing a bio-oil with similar properties to fossil sources
  • The characterization and harnessing of this bio-oil as a fuel for all uses
  • Using bio-oil refining technology to produce standard fuel for propulsion systems.
  • Scaling up the process to a 24/7 facilities
  • Process doesn’t compete with food chain because it complete the food consumption cycle by reusing waste produced in urban settings.
  • Doesn’t compete with land used for agricultural production because it doesn’t involve dedicated biomass crops.
  • Fitting the EU standards of Processes and fuel production




Main End Product


The end product is Synthetic Biodiesel.  Biodiesel is a clear liquid, without unpleasant odor or handling characteristics, of virtually the same viscosity as mineral fossil diesel oil. For this reason, it may be used in a standard diesel engine without additional modifications. It may also be blended with Petro-diesel to improve quality of latter.  Biodiesel or Methyl Ester as its also known is a clean Burning and renewable fuel alternative to mineral diesel. Biodiesel’s physical and chemical properties are very similar to normal diesel, so it can be mixed and used as a blend with DERV (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle) or on its own.



End Product second option


The second end product option is Electricity that can be sold to the Government. and We produce electricity for our own plant use therefore we are self sustained at this aspect.


Biochar which is used as Fertilizers and have so many uses


Products and Services


Bio Rotterdam technology will convert all feedstock as mention in the list below to clean Bio Synthetic Fuel & produce electricity if required



Possible Feedstock:

  • Municipal Solid Waste  (MSW)
  • Used  tires
  • Residual plastics
  • Old motor oil
  • Wood Waste
  • Sewer Sludge
  • Airport Waste
  • Industrial Waste
  • Commercial Waste
  • Medicine waste
  • Agricultural Waste
  • Animal Waste
  • Slaughter House Waste
  • Peat
  • Brown Coal


Present Barriers:

  • Feedstock
  • Regulatory Policies
  • Capital cost
  • Fuel prices


Project in Figures:

OUTPUT Bio Oil 50 ton / day ( 312.5 Barrels ) liquid fuel
Syn gas 62.5 MJ/M3 up to 2800 KW (56 MWh/day) to be used as heat for drying or to be convert into electricity
BIO char 30 tons / day to be used as solid fuel (187 GJ/ton) , soil amendment , fertilizer , water retention material
INPUT Input Capacity 5000 kg/hr feedstock supply – 20 hr/day

100 ton per day 10-20% moisture content – particle size 20 mm

Feedstock Type Biomass, dried sewage sludge , carbon based material, plastic , used tyres , waste paper, digestat
Standard configuration: • Hoper and air tight dosing screw

• Paralyser

• Gas condenser and exhaust fan

• Syn gas combustion chamber

• Bio char cooler

• Transformer and control cabinet

• Piping and wiring

• (5) 40’ container full equipped

• Manifold for a plug & play service

• Pre-reception

Utilities required Power : 625 kw (Electric or Diesel)

Water for cooling : 25 M3/h

Space area : 50K M2

Personnel : 5 person hour or feedstock and output product management

Investment value is around 10 M Euro