Invest in Biodiesel

investing in biodiesel is one of the safest investment ever

What is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a diesel fuel substitute used in diesel engines made from renewable materials such as:

  • Plant oils: canola, Camelina, soy, flax, Jatropha, mahua, pongamia pinnata, mustard, coconut, palm, hemp and sunflower;
  • Waste cooking oil: yellow or tap grease;
  • Other oils: tall, fish, and algae;
  • Animal fats: beef or sheep tallow, pork lard, or poultry fat; and
  • Potentially from cellulosic feedstock consisting of agriculture and forest biomass.

Mission :

Capture the available opportunity in the biodiesel industry based on the experience of the project team, who are involved in the industry as consultant for long time in the Biodiesel Market.

Equity Distribution & Profit:

  1. Financing Partner(s) = 30%
  2. Technical partner = 50%
  3. Marketing Partner = 20%


Exit Strategy:

  • IPs Exploitation policy
  • Public offering
  • Factoring invoices of sales
  • Others accordingly
  • Monetization of OFFTAKE Contracts



  1. Partnership agreement by reputable attorney as “investment manager”.
  2. Shareholder in Company registration
  3. Investment Insurance policy against any investment risks
  4. Other procedures accordingly

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